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Brake system
Diagonal dual-circuit brake system, anti-lock brake system (ABS) with electronic brake pressure distribution (EBPD). Certain equipment versions or model production dates additionally feature electronic differential lock (EDL), traction control system (ASR) and electronic stabilisation program (ESP).
Brake master cylinderØ mm22.2
Brake servoØ in inchesLeft-hand drive vehicles: 10
Right-hand drive vehicles: 7 / 8 tandem
Servo assist factori =5

Front brakes
Brakes (PR No.) 1ZA1ZC / 1ZM1ZD / 1LJ1ZE1ZP1ZF1ZK / 1LK
Front brake caliper FN 3FN 3FN 3FN 3FN 3FS IIIFNRG-57
PistonØ mm54545454545457
Front brake discØ mm312312312288288280345
Brake disc thickness (ventilated)mm25252525252230
Brake disc wear limitmm22222222221927
Pad thickness (new, without backplate)mm14.8141414141414.8
Pad wear limit (without backplate)mm2222222

Servicing brakes FNRG-57 → Chapter
Servicing brakes FS III → Chapter
Servicing brakes FN 3 → Chapter
Front brakes (RS 3)
Brakes (PR No.)1LG
Front brake caliperBrembo (M4)
PistonØ 40 / 44 mm
Front brake discØ 370 mm
Brake disc thickness (ventilated)32 mm
Brake disc, wear limit30 mm
Pad wear limit (without backplate)2 mm

Servicing front brakes (RS 3) → Chapter
Rear brakes, front-wheel drive 
Brakes (PR No.) 1KD1KE, 1KF1KQ1KU1KZ, 1KJ
Rear brake caliper C 38CII 41HRC 38CII 38HRCII 38HR
PistonØ mm3841383838
Rear brake discØ mm255260255286286
Brake disc thicknessmm1012101212
Brake disc wear limitmm81081010
Pad thickness (new, without backplate)mm1212121212
Pad wear limit (without backplate)mm22222

Rear brakes, four-wheel drive
Brake caliper (PR No.) 1KF1KJ1KU1KW2EA
Rear brake caliper CII 41HRCII 41HRCII 41HRCII 41HRCII 41HR
PistonØ mm4141414141
Rear brake discØ mm260286286310310
Brake disc thickness (non-ventilated)mm1212122222
Brake disc wear limitmm9991919
Pad thickness (new, without backplate)mm1212121212
Pad wear limit (without backplate)mm22222

Rear brakes (RS 3)
Rear brake caliperCII 41 HR
PistonØ mm41
Rear brake discØ mm312
Brake disc thickness (ventilated brake disc)mm22
Brake disc,
wear limit
Pad wear limit (without backplate)mm2


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