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The PR numbers are listed in the following tables. They indicate the required combination of brake calipers, discs and brake pads.
Brake system
Diagonally split dual-circuit braking system with ABS, EBPD, EDL, ASR, ESP, ECD and vacuum pump

  Front brakes
Factory code (PR No.) 1LT1LA1LJ
Brake caliper FN3 (16")FBC (16")FBC (17")
Ventilated brake discØ mm314320345
Brake disc, thicknessmm253030
Brake disc, wear limitmm232828
Brake pad thickness (including backplate and damper plate)mm20.320.320.3
Brake pad wear limit (including backplate and damper plate)mm101010

Rear brakes
Factory code (PR No.) 1KW1KE
Brake caliper CII-43 EPB (16”)CII-43 EPB (17”)
Brake disc Ø mm300330
Brake disc (not ventilated), thicknessmm12------
Brake disc (ventilated), thickness ------22
Brake disc, wear limitmm1020
Brake caliper, pistonØ mm4343
Brake pad thickness (including backplate and damper plate)mm17.517.5
Brake pad wear limit (including backplate and damper plate)mm77

The type of brake system installed in the vehicle is indicated by the corresponding PR number -A and B- on the vehicle data sticker.
t  Allocation → ETKA
t  When performing repair work on brakes, hairline cracks are often found on the friction surface of the brake discs. Hairline cracks up to a length of 10 mm do not present a technical problem and do not justify a renewal of brake discs.
t  Brake discs and pads with cracks going all the way across the friction surface must be renewed.

Brake test >