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3 Series E36 318ti (M44) COMP Workshop Manual

1 Service Information

0 Maintenance And General Data

1 SI Modified Change Intervals E9x-M3-US

2 SI Arguments Concerning Engine Oil Consumption BMW, MINI

Page 6

3 SI Harmonisation Of Oil Change Intervals BMW

4 SI Service Sheets For Condition Based Service_ Pre-delivery Check KSD-DVD BMW

Page 9

5 SI Maintenance Operations_inspections BMW Model Series From MY 2005

Page 11

6 SI Specified Process For Diagnosis BMW, MINI

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

7 SI Activated Transport Mode E63, E64, E70, E83, E92, E93

8 SI Factory Settings For Reversing Camera Brightness All Models

9 SI Drawbar Load Sign Omitted All With Options 235 And 3AC

10 SI Nominal Values Supplement For Emissions Test On New BMW And MINI Models From 01

Page 21

11 SI Changed Emissions Test Indicator BMW Condition Based Service

12 SI Changed Service Interval 530i 550i (E60sec)

>>13 SI Changed Service Interval 320si (E90) <<

14 SI Maintenance Operations_inspections BMW Model Series Up To Model Year 2004

Page 26

15 SI Nominal Values Supplement For Emissions Test On New BMW, MINI And Rolls-Royce Mo

Page 28

16 SI Testing Procedure For Emissions Test (AU) On Diesel Vehicles With OBD BMW And MI

Page 30

17 SI Nominal Values Supplement For Emissions Test On New BMW And MINI Models From 01

Page 32


19 SI Inspection Sheet

20 SI Master Document For Vehicle-specific Service Information Bulletins All Model Ser

Page 36

21 SI Master Document For Workshop Documentation_equipment All Model Series Up To Mode

22 SI Master Document For Emissions Test Nominal Values All Series Up To 2003

23 SI Modification Of Scope Of Maintenance Work, MY 2002 E36_7_S54B32, E46, E46 M3, E3

Page 40

24 SI Procedure For Processing Special Damages Parts

11 Engine (M44)

12 Engine Electrical System (M44)

13 Fuel System (M44)

16 Fuel Supply System (M44)

18 Exhaust System (M44)

21 Clutch

23 Manual Transmission (MECH)

24 Automatic Transmission (AUT)

31 Front Axle

32 Steering And Wheel Alignment

33 Rear Axle

34 Brakes

36 Wheels With Tyres

41 Body (COMP)

51 Body Equipment (COMP)

54 Slide-tilt Sunroof And Convertible Top (COMP)

61 General Electrical System

63 Lights

64 Heating And Air Conditioning

65 Audio, Navigation And Information System

66 Distance Systems, Cruise Control

67 Electrical Drives

71 Parts - Accessories (Engine - Chassis)

72 Parts - Accessories (Body)

84 Communication Systems

2 Repair Instructions

3 Technical Data

4 Tightening Torques

6 SI Operating Fluids

7 SI Techniques

8 SI Diagnosis Encoding

9 SI Special Tools-appliances

10 Special Tool