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This manual is produced as a reference source to supplement T4.  
Features of the equipment include:  
a. Fully upgradeable support for the technician  
b. Structured diagnostics to accommodate all skill levels  
c. Direct print-out of screen information and test results  

Testing the vehicle  

Operations covered in this manual do not include reference to testing the vehicle after repair. It is essential that work is 
inspected and tested after completion and if necessary, a road test of the vehicle is carried out, particularly where safety 
related items are concerned.  

Repairs and Replacement Parts  

Land Rover parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the original factory fitted components. For this 
reason, it is essential that only genuine Land Rover parts are used during maintenance or repair.  
Attention is particularly drawn to the following points concerning repairs and the fitting of replacement parts and 
Safety features and corrosion prevention treatments embodied in the vehicle may be impaired if other than Land Rover 
recommended parts are fitted. In certain territories, legislation prohibits the fitting of parts not to manufacturer's 
specification. Torque wrench setting figures, where given, must be adhered to and locking devices, where specified must 
be used. If the efficiency of a locking device is impaired during removal it must be replaced.  
Owners purchasing accessories whilst travelling abroad must ensure that the accessory and its fitted location on the 
vehicle conform to legal requirements.  
The terms of the vehicle warranty may be invalidated by the fitting of parts other than those recommended by Land 

All Land Rover recommended parts have the full backing of the vehicle warranty.  
Land Rover Dealers are obliged to supply only Land Rover recommended parts.  


Land Rover are constantly seeking to improve the specification, design and production of their vehicles and alterations 
take place accordingly. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this Manual, it should not be regarded as an 
infallible guide to current specifications of any particular vehicle.  
This Manual does not constitute an offer for sale of any particular vehicle. Land Rover dealers are not agents of Land 
Rover and have no authority to bind the manufacturer by any expressed or implied undertaking or representation.  


The fitting of non-approved Land Rover parts and accessories or the carrying out of non-approved alterations or 
conversions may be dangerous. Any of the foregoing could affect the safety of the vehicle and occupants; also, the 
terms and conditions of the vehicle warranty may also be invalidated .

Health & Safety Precautions > < General Service Information