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Technical Service Bulletin 2857
Subject: Disc Brakes - Rattle Noises
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Opel,Vauxhall Astra-J 2010   A8000001   All All
Opel,Vauxhall Astra-J 2010   AG000001   All All
Opel,Vauxhall Astra-J 2012   C1000001   All All
Opel,Vauxhall Astra-J 2010   A3000001   All All
Complaint Customer complains rattling noises on uneven roads.
Cause Clearance of the brake caliper guide pins and insufficient grease amount causes rattling noise.
Production Greasing process improved, double sticky foil introduced for 15" rear brake pads.


In case of customer complaint perform the following work steps:

 1. Clean the guides in the brake caliper carrier (1) and the 
    brake guide pins (2) (Picture shows rear brake caliper)

 2. Thoroughly grease the brake guides and the guide pins (2) with 
    Molykote G-3407 grease 

Object Number: 33559752  Size: DEFAULT

 3. Re-install guide pins to brake caliper carrier

Press guide pin with one hand fully into brake caliper carrier 
and with the other hand move/press rubber grommet (1) to allow 
enclosed air to escape.

Object Number: 33559753  Size: DEFAULT

 4. While fastening the upper brake caliper bolt
    apply hand pressure in shown directions (arrows)

Object Number: 33559754  Size: DEFAULT

 5. While fastening the lower brake caliper bolt
    apply hand pressure in shown directions (arrows)

Object Number: 33559755  Size: DEFAULT

Only for 15" rear brakes:

Fix outer brake pad to brake caliper

    - Clean glueing surfaces on brake pad and brake caliper 
      with brake cleaner prior foil application!

    - Apply 3M foil to the backside of the outer brake pad 

    - Re-install brake caliper and fix outer brake pad to caliper

Spare parts:                          Part-Number:   Catalogue-Number:

Molykote G-3407 grease                93165631       19 48 003
(5g pack)                                            

3M foil                               93179863       16 05 090

Labour Times:                         TC:            Hours:

U3 285 70     Grease brake caliper    90             0.7
              guide pins 

The costs for this repair will be covered during warranty and policy.
For policy please refer to the Policy Guideline (WebPG/Kuugel).
The regular Warranty Procedure will apply.

FunctionalGroup H - Brakes
Complaint Group 14 - Noises or Vibrations
Trouble Code None

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