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Technical Service Bulletin 2347
Subject: Engine A/Z17DTx, High pressure pump - Moaning noise
Brand: Model: Model Year: VIN: Engine: Transmission:
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Opel, Vauxhall Meriva 2004   -   Z17DTH| Z17DT| Z17DTR
Opel, Vauxhall Corsa-C 2004   2007   Z17DTH
Opel,Vauxhall Corsa-D 2007   -   Z17DTR
Opel,Vauxhall Astra-H 2007   -   Z17DTR| Z17DTJ
Opel,Vauxhall Zafira-B 2008   -   A17DTJ| A17DTR
Opel,Vauxhall Astra-J 2010   -   A17DTJ| A17DTR
Complaint Customer complains about some kind of moaning noise (flow noise) from the High Pressure Pump area. Moan noise is mainly to hear in vehicle overrun condition with released throttle pedal and sometimes also to hear during engine idle.
Cause The most reliable root cause is some kind of air ingress into the low pressure side of the fuel system. Air bubbles in the fuel system might cause such a noise which does not harm the system at all.


In case of customer complaint the fuel filter and feed pipe 
have to be replaced. 

Please be aware that the moaning noise might no disappear completely 
but this has definitely no negative impact to the engine or 
fuel system durability. 

It demonstrates the current state of the art for that vehicles/engine

Do not replace the high pressure pump.

Spare Parts:                           Part-No.:        Catalogue-No.:

Fuel filter                            95507489          8 18 005  
(Meriva, Corsa-C, Corsa-D,
Astra-H, Zafira-B)

Fuel Feed Pipe                         95509526         90 08 020 
(Only for Astra-H)

Fuel filter                            13263262         58 18 085  
(only Astra-J)

FunctionalGroup L - Fuel- and Exhaust System
Complaint Group 14 - Noises or Vibrations
Trouble Code None

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