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A Maintenance, Body and Chassis Sheet Metal Parts, Frame >



In view of their extensive volume, and with regard to future enlargements or additions with new electronic systems, these Service Instructions have been accommodated on four microfiches as mentioned on the preceding page. Microfiche I contains main groups A to H, Microfiche II contains main group J: Petrol Engine, Microfiche III main group J: Diesel Engine and Microfiche IV contains main groups K to R.


In these Service Instructions, all CORSA-A/NOVA models are described. Instructions are in accordance with the familiar group system and divided into 13 main groups. The main groups are identified as follows:


A     =     Maintenance, Body and Chassis Sheet Metal Parts

B     =     Paint

C     =     Body Equipment

D    =     Heating and Ventilation System, Air Conditioning

E     =     Frame, Front Wheel Suspension, Wheels and Tyres

F     =     Rear Axle and Rear Wheel Suspension

H    =     Brakes

J      =     Engine and Engine Aggregates

K     =     Clutch and Transmission

L     =     Fuel and Exhaust System, Exhaust Emissions Control

M    =     Steering

N    =     Electrical Equipment and Instruments

R     =     Optional Equipment, Accessories


Each column is headed by a group identification page, together with a table of contents. The service operations are listed following the table of contents. This system allows for quick and easy location of the required service operations.


It is possible that the Ope/Vauxhall parts, listed in these Service Instructions, are not available or permitted in all countries.


The Technical Data are at the end of each main group; data of general nature are at the end of this Introduction.


A Maintenance, Body and Chassis Sheet Metal Parts, Frame >