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Anti-theft Warning System with Integrated Immobiliser (ATWS)


An anti-theft warning system (ATWS) with integrated immobiliser is available for the Omega-B as optional equipment.



The anti-theft warning system and immobiliser are armed and disarmed via the control unit for the central door locking system.



The anti-theft warning system can be armed and disarmed with the key or the infrared transmitter. Deactivation of the immobiliser is only possible with the infrared transmitter.



Alarm is sounded acoustically (horn) and visually (hazard warning lamps). The duration and frequency of the alarm can be selected via TECH 1 to suit national legislation. The sensors for triggering the alarm are contact switches and an ultrasonic interior monitor, which can be switched off.



The following events trigger alarm after the anti-theft warning system has been armed:



·   Opening a door

·   Opening the luggage compartment lid/tailgate

·   Opening the bonnet

·   Destruction of rear screen

·   Destruction of rear fixed quarter screens (Estate only)

·   Movement in vehicle interior (with interior monitor switched on)

·   Removal of radio

·   Manipulation of anti-theft warning system switch-on circuit

·   Manipulation of electronic immobiliser switch-on circuit

·   Ignition switched on



If alarm is triggered, the anti-theft warning system control unit stores an alarm code, which can be subsequently read out via TECH 1.



The anti-theft warning system has a diagnostic interface for TECH 1, with the following functions:




·   F2:TROUBLE CODE TABLE (also includes alarm codes)





Anti-theft Warning System




The data list does not include a parameter for the ultrasonic interior monitor. Therefore, the function check and trouble code localising for the interior monitor are performed in the same fashion as for systems without the diagnostic interface.



As there is no other way of switching off the immobiliser, spare batteries for the infrared transmitter should always be kept available.

Changing the batteries for the infrared transmitter is included in the Opel/Vauxhall Inspection System.

In the interests of safety, the batteries for all transmitters should be changed annually.




Illustration - Location in Vehicle(ATWS) > < ATWS, Time Allowance