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Circuit Diagram, MID Omega-B (Excerpt from Overall Circuit Diagram)


F2            Fuse Terminal 15, ignition

F12          Fuse Terminal 30, battery

F15          Fuse Terminal 15, ignition

F22/31     Fuse, low beam

F23/30     Fuse, parking lamp

F26          Fuse, illumination (Ter. 58K)



P1            Fuel display

P4            Fuel supply sensor

P13          Outside temperature sensor

P25          Bulb control

P27          Sensor, brake pad, front left

P28          Sensor, brake pad, front right

P39          Bulb control, trailer




S63        Switch assy., MID

S63.1     Key "R"

S63.2     Key "S"

S82        Control switch, washer fluid residue

S93        Control switch, coolant residue

S95        Control switch, engine oil residue



U15       TID display

U16       MID display



X1          Wiring harness plug , instrument panel and body 107-pin

X2          Wiring harness plug, instrument panel and engine

              15-pin (TD = 12-pin)

X3          Wiring harness plug, instrument panel and MOT/SIM/TD 20-pin

X16        Body and water pump 6-pin




Abbreviations:     AT       = Automatic trans. control unit

                            D         = DDE 2.1 (TD)

                            MOT   = MOTRONIC

                            SIM     = SIMTEC

                            TD       = Turbodiesel

                            XD      = Diagnostic plug





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