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Removing and installing steering column with column tube, vehicles as of 07.84
Removing and installing steering column with column tube, vehicles as of 07.84
t  Renew self-locking nuts and bolts.
t  Welding and straightening work on steering components is not permitted.
t  All parts marked with a 1) can be pre-assembled outside of the vehicle. → Fig.
1 - Cover cap
2 - Hexagon nut, 40 Nm
3 - Spring washer
q   Modification: As of 01.89 replaced by 3 mm thick shim.
4 - Steering wheel
q   Position with steering in central position.
5 - Splined adapter sleeve
q   Fitted as of 01.89.
q   Pulling off → Fig..
q   Assembling → Fig..
6 - Clamping washer 1)
q   Renew.
q   Pull off with pliers.
q   Push on with tube → Fig..
q   Modification: Omitted as of 01.89.
7 - Spring
8 - Contact ring 1)
q   Push on to stop.
q   Modification: Omitted as of 01.89.
9 - Lower trim
10 - Upper trim
11 - Steering column switch with steering lock housing 1)
q   Distance between steering wheel/steering column switch is not adjustable.
q   Push onto column tube to stop.
12 - Support ring 1)
q   Push onto upper steering column.
13 - Steering column1
q   Remove by pulling upwards out of column tube.
q   Assembling → Fig..
q   Check length → Fig..
q   Modification: As of 01.89 steering column Ø 22 mm → Fig., installing modified steering column → Chapter.
14 - Hexagon nut, 30 Nm
15 - Shaft with universal joint for steering column
16 - Hexagon bolt
17 - Spring
q   Ø 22.5 mm
18 - Lower steering column bearing
q   Drive out downwards with tube.
q   Pull in with multi-purpose tool -VW 771- and large washer.
q   Inner Ø 22 mm.
19 - Washer
20 - Shear-head bolt
q   To remove, drill out bolt head with Ø 8.5 mm drill.
q   Tighten until head shears off.
21 - Column tube
q   Securing in vehicles with diesel engine → Fig..
q   Modification: As of 08.86, with two telescopic tubes inside one another → Fig..
22 - Hexagon nut, 20 Nm
23 - Mounting bracket for column tube

Pulling off splined adapter sleeve
Use puller with arm clamp only (e.g. -Kukko 204/2- commercially available).
Assembling splined adapter sleeve
–  Place sleeve on steering column and screw hexagon nut on to end of thread.
–  Loosen nut again, position new shim N 904 485 01 and screw sleeve on completely with nut until sleeve is firmly seated.
Pre-assembling steering column
–  Carefully clamp lower section of steering column in a vice so that upper part is supported on jaws and both halves do not slide into each other. Check length of steering column at same time → Fig..
–  Insert steering column, pre-assembled as shown, into column tube from top.
–  Position lower spring onto steering column, push jointed shaft onto steering column toothing and secure with clamping bolt (30 Nm).
–  Secure steering lock housing to column tube.
Checking length of steering column
The small metal lug on the lower section must be visible in the hole in the upper section -arrow-. If necessary pull both sections firmly apart to stop or press together.
Securing column tube in vehicles with diesel engine
1 - Rubber washer 191 419 711
2 - Lock plate 191 419 713
3 - Shear bolt 191 419 549 A
Vehicles with diesel engine are fitted with rubber washers between mounting bracket, column tube and body. Lower side of rubber washers is slotted into elongated hole on mounting bracket. To provide shear bolt with good support, lock plates are used instead of shims. Behind thread, shear bolts have a shaft approx. 10 mm in length.
Thanks to softer mounting, steering column with column tube can be moved more forcefully via steering wheel.
Modified column tube
A - Column tube up to 07.86
B - Column tube as of 08.86
Modified column tube has 2 telescoping tubes inside each other. These are kept to corresponding length by 2 webs.
t  New column tube can also be installed in previously built vehicles.
t  Following parts must also be used in vehicles prior to 07.84 (with disengageable steering column):
Steering columnPart No. 165 419 503
Lower bush Part No. 171 419 517 B
SpringPart No. 165 419 343

t  No further parts have to be used in vehicles as of 08.84 (with telescopic steering column).
Pushing on clamping washer
Push clamping washer on until spring is fully compressed.
Modified steering column diameter
On introduction of the long splined adapter sleeve, the upper steering column diameter has changed.
Dimension -a-to12.88Ø 20 mm
Dimension -a-as of01.89Ø 22 mm

1 - Splined adapter sleeve
2 - Spring
3 - Support ring
Long splined adapter sleeve presses directly onto spring, so that clamping washer → Item and contact ring → Item have been omitted. Only the modified steering column (Ø 22 mm) is now supplied as a spare part. Ø 20 mm steering column will be omitted once used up.

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