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Removing and installing cylinder head
Removing and installing cylinder head
Checking compression → Chapter.
t  When installing an exchange cylinder head with fitted camshaft, the contact surfaces between the bucket tappets and the cam must be oiled before installing the cylinder head cover.
t  The plastic packing pieces for protecting the open valves must not be removed until immediately before fitting cylinder head.
t  If the cylinder head is replaced, the entire coolant must also be renewed.
t  Removing and installing intake manifold: → Rep. Gr.24.
1 - Cap
2 - Gasket
q   Renew if damaged.
3 - Breather housing
q   To remove: remove cylinder head cover → Item, releas3e ends of springs and turn breather housing to the left.
4 - 10 Nm
5 - Gasket
q   Renew if damaged.
6 - Bracket
7 - Plug, 15 Nm
q   Renew
8 - Seal
q   Renew
9 - 10 Nm
10 - Coolant distribution housing (engine code: APF) or connecting flanges (engine codes: AEH, AKL).
q   Dismantling and assembling coolant distribution housing → Chapter.
11 - Lifting eye
12 - 20 Nm
13 - Cylinder head gasket
q   Renew
q   After renewing, renew entire coolant.
14 - 15 Nm
15 - 20 Nm
16 - Rear toothed belt guard
17 - Cylinder head
q   Check for distortion → Fig..
q   Reworking sealing surface → Fig..
q   Removing and installing → Chapter.
q   After renewing, renew entire coolant.
18 - Cylinder head bolt
q   Renew
q   Remove and install Polydrive cylinder head bolt using special wrench, long reach -T10070-.
q   Sequence when loosening and tightening → Chapter.
19 - Oil deflector
20 - Cylinder head cover gasket
q   Renew if damaged.
q   Before fitting coat transition points between bearing cap and cylinder head with sealant -D 454 300 A2-.
21 - Cylinder head cover
22 - Reinforcing strip
23 - 10 Nm
24 - Breather connection
q   Only engine code: APF
q   To expansion tank

Checking cylinder head for distortion
Max. permissible distortion: 0.1 mm

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