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Dash panel insert
Dash panel insert
General description:
The following components are integrated in the dash panel insert:
t  Control unit with display in dash panel insert -J285-
t  Immobilizer control unit -J362-
t  Speedometer
t  Rev. counter
t  Fuel gauge
t  Coolant temperature gauge
t  Indicator lamps
t  Multifunction display
To provide acoustic support to some of the visual displays, the dash panel features a warning buzzer, which is actuated by the control unit.
All indicator lamps are fitted with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). No provision is made for dash panel insert repair. If necessary, the dash panel insert is renewed as a unit.
Before renewing the dash panel insert, the work procedure „Renewing dash panel insert“ should be carried out in order that the data stored in the control unit can be read → Chapter.
Fault detection and fault display:
The dash panel insert is equipped with self-diagnosis, which makes fault finding easier.
For fault finding, use vehicle diagnosis, testing and information system -VAS 5051A- in „Guided fault finding“ mode.
Resetting service interval display:
Resetting service interval display „Maintenance manual“ → Booklet35.1.
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - dash panel insert“
→ Chapter „Removing and installing dash panel insert“

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