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Removing and installing the door lock
Removing and installing the door lock
Special tools and workshop equipment required
t  Vehicle diagnosis system, measurement and information system -VAS 5051B-
The window lifter, door lock and loudspeaker are fitted to the assembly carrier.
The door lock can only be removed together with the assembly carrier.
The assembly carrier can only be removed if the door window is detached from the window lifter. To this end lower the door window down to the mounting hole in the assembly carrier and remove the straddling dowel.
One must first determine the exact cause of the fault should it be impossible to lower the door window using power-window control → Vehicle diagnosis, testing and information system VAS 5051.
In the event of an electrical fault, first correct that fault.
Should it appear that the window lifter motor is the cause of the fault, unscrew it from the assembly carrier.
–  Removing the door handle → Chapter.
–  Release screws -1-.
–  Remove assembly carrier → Chapter and take out together with the door lock.
–  Remove door lock from assembly carrier.
–  Pull out the control lever -1- in -the direction of the arrow-.
–  Using a screwdriver expand the spring fitted to the door lock -2- in -the direction of the arrow- and hook the control lever to the spring.
The lock is blocked once the control lever is hooked on. This prevents the Bowden cable from being “incorrectly” clipped at a later stage.
–  Further installation occurs in reverse order.
Perform a functional check because the door cannot be opened if the adjustment is not accurate and the Bowden wire is not clipped on correctly.

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