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Removing and installing the dash panel
Removing and installing the dash panel
Disconnect the earth strap from the battery before commencing work on the electrical system → Electrical System → Rep. gr.27.
–  Remove the steering wheel → Chapter.
–  Remove top trim panels of pillar A → Chapter.
–  Remove top steering column trim panel -1- e.g. with removal tool -3409-.
–  Lever off dash panel insert frame -1- e.g. with removal tool -3409-.
–  Remove dash panel insert → Electrical System → Rep. gr.90.
–  Remove fixing screws -1- for bottom trim panel -2- for steering column (1.5 Nm).
–  Remove steering-column control → Electrical System → Rep. gr.94.
–  Unplug the connector for the multi-function switch (if present) → Electrical System → Rep. gr.91.
–  Take off damper part -1-.
–  Remove cover for fuse holder → Electrical System → Rep. gr.97.
–  Remove screws for fuse holder.
–  Unclip light switch (operating in winter or summer) → Electrical System → Rep. gr.96.
–  Unclip diagnostic connector → Electrical System → Rep. gr.97.
–  Unplug connector for light switch. → Electrical System → Rep. gr.96.
–  Press switch for headlight range control into the dash panel.
–  Remove potentiometer for headlight range control → Electrical System → Rep. gr.96.
–  Remove centre ventilation blower → Heating, Air Conditioning → Rep. gr.80.
–  Unplug connector from centre ventilation blower (warning light switch, warning light for front passenger airbag deactivation) → Electrical System; Rep. gr.96.
–  Lever out covers for radio (depending upon radio type and if present).
–  Remove radio (if present) → Electrical System → Rep. gr.91.
–  Remove screws (1.5 Nm) -2- and push out dash panel cover - middle part -1-.
–  Pull connector and wiring loom for radio through the opening and remove the dash panel cover.
–  Remove fixing screws (1 Nm) for cover of air conditioning actuator.
–  Remove switch for window heating and ESP.
–  Unplug connector of both switches.
–  Unplug connector and remove cover of air conditioning actuator → Heating and Air Conditioning → Rep. gr.87.
–  On vehicles with climatic air conditioning separate Bowden wire for actuating the air control → Heating and Air Conditioning → Rep. gr.87.
–  Remove fixing screws (1.5 Nm) -2- and remove top storage area -1-.
–  Lever out screw cap for glove compartment -arrow-.
–  Remove screw below the cover (2 Nm).
–  Remove damper part below the glove compartment.
–  Lever out side covers for dash panel -1- and -2- with e.g. disassembly wedge -3409-.
–  Remove fixing screws -2- (9 Nm) for front passenger airbag -1-.
–  Push out airbag cover with unit to the top.
–  Remove airbag cover (when assembling, first of all clip the cover to the airbag unit).
–  Slightly pull out airbag unit and unplug connector.
–  Remove airbag unit and carefully place down.
Safety measures should be observed when handling the airbag units → Chapter.
Pay attention to the sequence when connecting the battery → Electrical System → Rep. gr.27.
–  Remove fixing screws -2- (2 Nm).
–  Disconnect the plug for solar sensor -3- (depending upon vehicle equipment).
–  Disconnect the plug of the glove compartment light switch (depending upon vehicle equipment).
–  Unplug connector for glove compartment light on the front seat passenger side.
–  Pull off fuel-intake hose for AC glove compartment (depending upon vehicle equipment).
–  Remove key switch for front passenger airbag (depending upon vehicle equipment) → Chapter.
–  Remove dash panel -1-.
–  Installation is carried out in the reverse order.
Pay attention to the sequence when connecting the battery → Electrical System → Rep. gr.27.
t  When installing the bottom trim panel for steering column, pay attention to the correct distance between the trim panel and the steering wheel → Electrical System → Rep. gr.94.
t  If the airbag warning light -K75- signals a fault after assembly erase the fault memory with fault reader and interrogate again → Vehicle diagnostic tester.

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