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Antilock braking system (ABS)
Antilock braking system (ABS)
The ABS and ESP are vehicle safety systems; detailed system knowledge is required for working on such systems.
Testing and replacement or repairs should be carried out only by personnel specially trained for ABS.
Problems related to the ABS affect the braking system and the amplifier. The conventional braking system remains fully functional also without ABS. One must reckon with a somewhat changed braking characteristic. The rear wheels can block quite early on after the ABS warning light lights up!
The brake system is split diagonally. Brake servo assistance is provided pneumatically by the vacuum brake servo unit.
Vehicles fitted with ABS, ABS/EDL/TCS or ABS/EDL/TCS/ESP BOSCH 8.0 do not have a mechanical brake pressure regulator. Specifically matched software in the control unit, the electronic brake pressure distribution (EBD) regulates the brake pressure on the rear axle.
Required technical information:
t  Binder: „Current Flow Diagrams, Electrical Fault Finding and Fitting Locations“
t  Self-study programme ESP No. 42
t  Technical Service Handbook
t  Operating instructions for the vehicle diagnosis, measuring and information system -VAS-

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