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Nominal values front axle
Nominal values front axle
t  Technical data apply for the unladen weight of the vehicle ready for driving (full fuel tank and water reservoir for the windscreen wiper washer system, spare wheel and jack (if the vehicle was fitted at the factory with them), tool kit and without driver) (unladen weight).
t  Explanations concerning chassis PR Numbers → Chapter
If the corresponding unladen weight cannot be achieved (e.g. a vehicle with a tyre repair set or a vehicle with a fuel tank which is not completely full), the vehicle load must be set as follows:
–  Load the vehicle with a corresponding weight.
–  Determine the fuel volume in the fuel tank on the fuel gauge.
–  Place a weight above the fuel tank according to the following table:
Fuel gaugeWeight (kg)
Tank full0

t  Use as weight e.g. plastic tanks filled with water or canisters. 1 liter of water = 1 kg.
t  When fitting the weight onto the rear seat pay special attention so that the seat upholsteries are not dirty or damaged.
Front axle - chassisStandard suspension Rough road suspension
PR numbersG40, G41G38, G39
Overall track -adjustable-10' ±10'10' ±10'
Toe difference angle on turns of 20° of inside wheel -not adjustable-1° 30' ±20'1° 30' ±20'
Max. wheel lock angle -not adjustable-39° 14'39° 14'
Camber1)-28' ±30'-18' ±30'
Max. difference between left and right sidemax. 30max. 30
Castor4° 21' ±30'4° 21' ±30'
Max. difference between left and right sidemax. 30max. 30

The given geometry values are valid for all types of engines.
1) It is possible to adjust the camber by shifting the assembly carrier. Note: Always replace the screws! After carrying out corrections of steering geometry, inspect position of steering wheel and alter to correct position, if necessary.

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