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Wheels, Tyres
Wheels, Tyres
t  5-hole fixing of the rims, diameter of the bolt circle 100 mm, diameter of the central hole of rim 57 mm
t  Tyre inflation pressures → BookletRoomster as well as sticker on the fuel-tank cap
t  Offset - abbreviation OS
t  Only tyres of the same size and type may be fitted to the vehicle, however the same brand and tread pattern must always be fitted to wheels on the same axle. It is exceptionally allowed to use a different tyre temporarily in the event of breakdown. Take into account a change in driving and braking behaviour.
t  Use wheel bolts with spherical collar and a thread of M14 x 1.5 - tightening torque: 120 Nm.
t  Only use authorised rims on the relevant vehicle.
t  When replacing rims always use wheel bolts that belong to these rims (different length and spherical cap shape).
t  Also observe the national legislation.
t  If winter tyres are used with a lower speed rating than the maximum permissible driving speed, it has to be pointed out with a sticker providing an additional note which must be fixed in the field of vision of the driver.
t  The information given on the sticker determines the maximum permissible driving speed for the winter tyres fitted, which must not be exceeded during the operation of the vehicle.
t  The note on the sticker can be replaced with the system installed in the vehicle for life (for example the onboard computer) → Operating instructions.
t  On vehicles with the tyre pressure inspection system, it must be adapted again after changing one or several wheels → Operating instructions.
Tyres that are more than 6 years old must only be used in case of emergency and while driving very carefully.

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