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Wheels, Tyres
Wheels, Tyres
Wheel/tyre combinations → Chapter
Further information can be found in the instructions for use or → BookletRoomster..
Tyre assembly:
For tyre disassemblies and assemblies your mounting device must be equipped with a tyre assembly head provided for these disc wheels.
Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the disc wheel.
If your tyre assembly device is not yet retrofitted, please contact the manufacturer for this device.
General points
For safety reasons never change tyres individually but at least in axle pairs.
Tyres with the greatest tread depth must always be fitted at the rear.
It is recommended to fit tyres of the same make, same type and tread pattern on all wheels.
Axle-wise only tyres of the same make, same type and tread pattern must be mounted.
Always mount a new valve when changing the rim or tyre.
Mount the tyre with the DOT marking pointing towards the outside of the wheel. This applies only to the left side of the vehicle for directional tyres.
For directional tyres mount a wheel/tyre combination for the right side of the vehicle as spare wheel.

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