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Nominal values rear axle
Nominal values rear axle
t  Technical data apply for the unladen weight of the vehicle ready for driving (full fuel tank and water reservoir for the windscreen wiper washer system, spare wheel and jack (if the vehicle was fitted at the factory with them), tool kit and without driver) (unladen weight) → Anchor.
t  Chassis PR numbers are not listed in the table. The allocation of the adjusting values to the relevant running gear occurs via the PR No. of the front axle damping.
t  Explanations concerning chassis PR Numbers → Chapter
Rear axle - chassis Standard suspensionRough road suspension
Overall track -not adjustable-15' ±10'15' ±10'
Max. misalignment of the rear axle1)max. 20max. 20
Camber -not adjustable--1° 27' ±20'-1° 27' ±20'
Max. difference between left and right sidemax. 30max. 30

The given geometry values are valid for all types of engines.
1) A minor correction is possible by moving the rear axle body.

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