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Field Remedy: 2789

Subject: Instrument Panel - Clicking Noise
Models: Engines: Option:
Astra-J 2010...2011 All
Complaint: Clicking noise audible from the right side of the instrument panel in the area of the glovebox / lower A-Pillar.
Cause: Relative body movement leads to a clicking noise caused by contact between the two metal structures inside the rocker panel in the area of the A-Pillar. - RH lower door aperture.


In case of customer complaint increase the mechanical pre-tension 
on the sheet metal assembly by applying 4 to 6 hammer strokes to 
the inner rocker panelling, RH lower door aperture.


 1. Remove side door sill trim plate of the right side and partially
    remove the door seal (Picture I, arrow)

Object Number: 27737358  Size: DEFAULT

 2. Apply adhesive tape to inner rocker panel (Picture II, arrows) 
    on the surface between sealing seam and left elongated hole near 
    the front elbow to prevent paint damage in this area 

Object Number: 27737359  Size: DEFAULT

 3. Position round edged bulging tool at a 45° angle with the tool 
    face 90° angle between door seal flange and inner rocker 
    panelling (Picture III)

Apply 4 to 6 strong hammer strokes with a 1000g hammer onto 
the bulging tool to increase the mechanical pre-tension on 
the sheet metal assembly system 

Object Number: 27737360  Size: DEFAULT

 4. Reinstall door seal and perform test drive to verify if 
    the clicking noise is eliminated

If the noise still exists, repeat step 3. and 4. until the clicking 
noise has been eliminated successfully

 5. Remove adhesive tape, clean, and if required cover any scratches
    using a paint touch up applicator

 6. Install door seal and side door sill trim plate

Labour Time:                                  TC:     Hours:

U3 278 90      Eliminate clicking noise       90      SA

The costs for this repair will be covered during warranty and policy.
For policy please refer to the Policy Guideline (WebPG/Kuugel).
The regular Warranty Procedure will apply.

FunctionalGroup: A - Body,C - Equipment/Windows
Complaint Group: 14 - Noises or Vibrations
Trouble Code:

Body Repair > Frame and Underbody > Technical Service Bulletins > Noise, Vibration, Rattle > Instrument Panel - Clicking Noise