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Field Remedy: 2724

Subject: Paint FRESKO BLUE - Paint deviation between Front-/ Rear Bumper and Body
Models: Engines: Option:
Astra-J 2011 All Paint FRESKO BLUE (Paint code GOL)
Complaint: Bumper paint does not match body.
Cause: Paint from Bumper not suffiecently matched to body paint.
Production: As of VIN: W0LPF8EC6 B 8 017483 an improved paint mixture has been implemented in production.


Prior to all start of work the paint deviation has to be presented 
for approval to the responsible Customer Care District Manager (CCDM).

The body paint colour shade needs to be checked with a "colour shade 
checking device" if possible.

Prior painting of the bumper example sheets need to be painted to 
identify the correct colour shade nuance.

After determination of the correct colour shade nuance the complete 
bumber can be painted, if required blend-in adjacend parts (bonnet, 


Formula:        KM 6916

Product:        Autowave MM

Colour shade:   OP22M

Comment:        Sata RP 3000 1.2 
                10% Activator 
                Colour shade is metamer

Mixed varnish number:        100%:       Absolute       Accumulated 
                                         1000 ml [g]:   1000 ml [g]:

666                          46,441      475,0           475,0
00                            0,858        8,8           483,8
356                           3,635       37,2           521,0
744                           4,139       42,3           563,3
980                          33,317      340,8           904,1
888DC                         1,010       10,3           914,4
888CC                        10,601      108,4          1022,9

Please note: 
Below listed U-Code requires CCDM approval!

Labour Codes:                            TC:      Hours:

U3 272 40       Paint Front and/or       90       SA
                Rear Bumper Facia

          001   Additional work for      90       SA   
                removal, disassembly,
                reassembly and re-
                installation of 
                the bumpers   

The costs for this repair will be covered during warranty and policy.
For policy please refer to the Policy Guideline (WebPG/Kuugel).
The regular Warranty Procedure will apply.

FunctionalGroup: B - Paint
Complaint Group: 16 - Paint problems
Trouble Code:

Body Repair > Paint and Coatings > Technical Service Bulletins > Offcolour, Discoloured > Paint FRESKO BLUE - Paint deviation between Front-/ Rear Bumper and Body