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Field Remedy: 2771

Subject: Pre Fuse Box (UEC) - Loose connection, P037E and/or P0383(00) set
Models: Engines: Option:
Astra-J 2010...2011 All
Complaint: 1.) Intermittant loss of steering assistance. 2.) Glow plug control module malfunction on Diesel engines, P0383(00).
Cause: Bad or no electrical connection at pre fuse box, 80A fuse.
Production: As of VIN: W0LPE8EF0B8012387 ( 20-Sep-2010) an improved production process has been implemeted.


In case of customer complaint add washer and toothed lock washer to 
connection of 80A fuse(s) in pre fuse box (UEC in engine compartment)
to strengthen the connection.

Refer to order of parts below. Do not exceed tightening torque of 
4.7 Nm.

Order of installation:
- nut
- tooth look washer
- contact (wire/cable with cable lug)
- washer

Labour Times:                                   TC:      Hours:

U3 277 10       Fasten fuse connection          90       0.2

The costs for this repair will be covered during warranty and policy.
For policy please refer to the Policy Guideline (WebPG/Kuugel).
The regular Warranty Procedure will apply.  

FunctionalGroup: J - Engine,M - Steering,N - Electrical Equipment
Complaint Group: 04 - Electrical failures,08 - Hard to operate,11 - Loose or Comes off,13 - No/Poor Function,23 - Wrong Indication
Trouble Code: P0383 (00),P037E

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