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Rear Axle, Rear Wheel Suspension  

Checking and Adjusting Operations  

Chassis alignment  

The following points must be observed before chassis alignment is performed:  


-  Use of the prescribed disc wheels and the tyre size.  

-  Perfect condition of the disc wheels and the wheel bearing units.  

-  Tyres uniform and in good condition.  

-  Tyre pressure must be the same on both left and right sides - for values for fully laden vehicle see the relevant Owner's Manual or the valid Model Year Brochure "Inspection System" or "Inspection System/Service Plan".  

-  No visible damage to chassis (no play in the tie rods and ball joints or chassis).  

-  Observe regulations and instructions issued by manufacturer of chassis alignment system.  


The following items must be provided before chassis alignment:  


-  Half fill fuel tank.  

-  Put vehicle into alignment position.  

-  Load each front seat with 70 kg/154 lbs.  

-  Put steering in straight ahead position.  

-  Rock vehicle several times, so that body so that it assumes the normal operating position.  




Object Number: 616197  Size: DEFAULT  Measure   

Determine "actual values" with computer-aided chassis alignment system, for "nominal values" - see "Technical Data - Chassis Alignment Values" in group "E" or as of MY '99 in brochure "Chassis Alignment Values" relevant for that particular model year. Observe the user instructions and the manufacturer's regulations for computer-aided chassis alignment systems. Printout of vehicle and chassis data.  

Object Number: 616201  Size: DEFAULT  Important!   

It is not possible to correct camber and toe-in. In case of deviations, check the wheel spindle or complete rear axle for possible damage and replace if necessary.  



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