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Repairing rear brake caliper
Repairing rear brake caliper
t  When carrying out repairs install all parts supplied in repair kit.
t  New brake calipers are filled with brake fluid and are pre-bled.
t  Apply thin coat of assembly paste G 052 150 A2 to brake cylinders, pistons and seals.
t  When carrying out repairs it is essential to appropriately pre-bleed the brake calipers (without brake pads) before installing in the vehicle → Chapter.
1 - Self-locking hexagon bolt, 35 Nm
q   Renew
q   When loosening and tightening, counterhold on guide pin
2 - Bleed valve, 11 Nm
q   Apply thin coat of assembly paste G 052 150 A2 to threads before screwing in
3 - Dust cap
4 - Guide pin
q   Lubricate before installing protective cap
5 - Protective cap
q   Insert onto brake carrier and guide pin
6 - Brake carrier with guide pin and protective cap
q   Supplied as replacement part, assembled with sufficient grease on guide pins
q   If protective caps or guide pins are damaged, install repair kit Use grease sachet supplied to lubricate guide pins
7 - Protective cap
q   Pull outer sealing lip onto piston
8 - Piston with automatic adjustment
q   Removing and installing → Chapter
q   Apply thin coat of assembly paste G 052 150 A2 to piston before inserting
9 - Seal
q   Removing and installing → Chapter
10 - Brake caliper housing with lever for handbrake cable
q   If a leak exists at the handbrake cable lever renew brake caliper housing
q   After repairing, pre-bleed brake caliper housing → Chapter.


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