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Changing brake fluid > < Bleeding (normal):
Subsequent bleeding
Subsequent bleeding
Carry out subsequent bleeding when:
t  brake pedal travel is too long or so-called »soft brake pedal«
t  in vehices with EDL, EDL/TCS or EDL/TCD/ESP a chamber in the brake fluid reservoir is completely empty. This occurs e.g. in the case of brake system leaks.
Subesquent bleeding requires the assistance of a second mechanic:
–  Depress brake pedal firmly and hold.
–  Open bleeder valve on brake caliper.
–  Fully depress brake pedal.
–  Close bleed valve with brake pedal held down.
–  Release brake pedal slowly.
This bleed sequence must be carried out 5 times per brake caliper.
Bleeding sequence:
1 - Front left brake caliper
2 - Front right brake caliper
3 - Rear left brake caliper
4 - Rear right brake caliper
A road test must be carried out after the brakes have been bled. When doing this an ABS regulation must be performed at least once.

Changing brake fluid > < Bleeding (normal):