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Yugo L4-1300cc 1.3L (1991)

Windows and Glass > Rear Defogger > Component Information > Diagrams > Diagram Information and Instructions

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Rear Defogger: Diagram Information and Instructions

Wire Color Code Identification

Black: Bk
Black/Violet: Bk/Vi
Blue: Bl
Blue/Red: Bl/Rd
Brown: Br
Brown/White: Br/Wt
Gray: Gr
Gray/Black: Gy/Bk
Green: Gr
Light Blue: Lt/Bl
Light Blue/Black: LtBl/Bk
Light Green: Lt/Gr
Orange: Or
Pink: Pi
Pink/Black: Pi/Bk
Red: Rd
Red/Green: Rd/Gr
Violet: Vi
White: Wt
White/Black: Wt/Bk
Yellow: Yl

Component Locations

Ambient Switch: RH Rear Corner Of Engine Compartment
Brake Light Switch: Above Brake Pedal
Buzzer: RH Rear Of Engine Compartment
Canister Purge Duty Cycle: Rear LH Side Of Engine Compartment
Diagnostic Plug: Center Rear Of Engine Compartment
EGR Transducer: Below EGR Valve, Rear Of Engine
EGR Valve: Center Of Exhaust Manifold, Rear Of Engine
Electronic Control Unit (California): RH Front Fender, Engine Compartment
Exhaust Check Valve: LH Side Of Exhaust Manifold, Rear Of Engine Compartment
Flasher Relay: In Fuse Box, On Right Side Of Firewall
Fuel Pump Relay: Rear RH Side Of Engine Compartment
Fuse Panel: In RH Rear Corner Of Engine Compartment
High Voltage Distributor: LH Side Of Engine
Idle Speed Sensor:  Front LH Side Of Engine
Ignition Coil: Front LH Side Of Engine
Ignition Module: LH Front Fender
Main Relay: Rear RH Side Of Engine Compartment
Roll Over Valve: Center Rear Of Engine Compartment
Temperature Sensor: Inside Air Cleaner
Temperature/Vacuum Switch: Inside Air Cleaner
Throttle Postion Sensor: RH Side Rear Of Engine
Vapor Canister: Rear LH Side Of Engine Compartment

Connector Locations

C1: Left front fender
C2: Under battery on early production models, or below battery on late production models
C3: Left front engine compartment, next to radiator
C4: On headlamp
C5: On headlamp
C6: In engine compartment, next to distributor
C7: On starter motor
C8: Right front fender
C9: On alternator
C10: On carburetor
C11: Right rear engine compartment behind fuse box
C12: Left rear engine compartment under wiper motor
C13: Bottom of washer reservoir
C14: Left side of dash panel, behind switch panel

Windows and Glass > Rear Defogger > Component Information > Diagrams > Diagram Information and Instructions