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Injector, Remove and Install

Important:   When working on the fuel system it is essential to pay attention to cleanliness as even the smallest dirt particles can lead to faults in engine operation or in the fuel system. Open fuel connections must be sealed with appropriate plugs from the Opel Parts Catalogue (catalogue number: 45 06 154 / part number: 9201697). Sealing plugs are only intended to be used once.

Note:   Injectors can also be replaced individually. When replacing one or all the injectors, the IMA code of the injectors must be programmed in using TECH 2 in the engine control unit


1.   Open bonnet
2.   Disconnect battery
•   Detach ground connection from ground terminal
Slacken nut
3.   Remove engine cover
4.   Detach vacuum line
•   Unscrew 2x bolts (arrows)
•   Detach 2x hose vacuum unit to vacuum line
Object Number: 2408150  Size: DEFAULT

5.   Detach wiring harness
•   Unscrew 4x bolts (1)
•   Disconnect 4x wiring harness plugs for injector (2)
Object Number: 8230688  Size: DEFAULT

6.   Detach 4x oil leak line (2) from injectors
Note:   The oil leak line must not be detached from the fuel return damping case. It if is detached, it must be replaced.
•   Release 4x retaining clamp (3) from injector in direction of arrow
Pull off oil leak line
Note:   Close 4x injectors with suitable

Sealing plug 1)
•   Unclip 2x oil leak line from bracket (1)
Object Number: 8230689  Size: DEFAULT

7.   Detach 4x high pressure line - accumulator to injector
Important:   When releasing the retaining nut, counterhold with open-ended wrench against the injector
•   Unscrew 8x union nut (1)
Note:   Close opened fuel connections with appropriate plugs 1)  

Object Number: 2408161  Size: DEFAULT

8.   Remove 4x injector
Note:   If the injectors cannot be reached by hand, use EN-46786 together with KM-328-B . Fit plugs 1)   to removed injectors (arrows).
•   Unscrew 4x nut
Object Number: 3446070  Size: DEFAULT


9.   Cleaning work
Note:   Use EN-47632 (1) to clean the injector seats. Insert EN-47632 with coarse fleece in the injector shaft and clean the injector seat by turning. Finish by cleaning with the fine fleece.
10.   Install 4x injector
•   Replace 4x seal rings
•   Tighten 4x nut 32 Nm
Important:   High-pressure lines must not be installed more than once. When fastening the retaining nut counterhold against the injector with an open-ended wrench.
11.   Install 4x new high pressure line
•   Tighten 4x retaining nut (M14) 23 Nm
•   Tighten 4x retaining nut (M12) 23 Nm
12.   Attach wiring harness
•   Tighten 4x bolts
•   Connect 4x injector wiring harness plug
13.   Attach 4x oil leak line to injector
•   Clip 4x oil leak line into injector
•   Clip 2x oil leak line in bracket
14.   Attach vacuum line
•   Attach 2x vacuum hose, vacuum unit to vacuum line
•   Tighten 2x bolt 9 Nm
15.   Connect battery
•   Attach ground connection to ground terminal
Tighten nut
Important:   Wear protective goggles and protective gloves.
16.   Fuel System, Check for Leaks
•   Start engine.
Note:   Check fuel system for escaping fuel.
17.   Install engine cover
18.   Program volatile memories
19.   Close bonnet

1 ) protective caps are available in the opel parts catalogue under catalogue number 45 06 154 / part number 9201697/

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