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Running gear



Heating, Air conditioning

Drive unit

Power transmission

Vehicle electrics

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning system

Power unit

1.4/55; 59; 74 kW MPI engine

2,0/85 kW MPI engine

1.4/51; 55; 59 kW TDI PD Engine

1,2/40; 47 kW MPI engine

1.9/47 kW SDI Engine

Technical Data

Self diagnosis, V.A.G Inspection Service

Engine assy,cylinder block,crankcase

Enginecrankshaft group, pistons

Removing and installing V-ribbed belt

Removing and installing, tightening the toothed belt

>>Summary of components <<

Removing and installing, tightening the toothed belt

Checking semi-automatic tensioning pulley

Removing and installing sealing flange and flywheel

Crankshaft, Piston and Conrod

Engine cylinder head, valve gear

Engine lubrication

Engine cooling

Fuel supply, gas operation

Fuel preparation system Diesel injection

Exhaust system

Ignition system, glow plug system