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Work instruction
Work instruction
–  Unscrew the affected brake line on the brake caliper or wheel-brake cylinder, while doing so collect escaping brake fluid and dispose according to the specifications.
–  Cut through the brake line in a suitable location (straight, freely accessible piece) with the pipe cutter -2-.
–  Remove the removable part.
–  Degrease the surface of the brake line.
–  Clamp the brake line in the gripping pliers -4- tight enough, so that it protrudes approx. 50 mm out of the plastic chuck jaws.
–  Tension the peeler -3- in a boring machine and place it onto the brake line.
–  Peel off the coating of the brake line using the slower speed of the boring machine and by exerting a slight pressure against the brake line.
The length of the peeling is determined by the stop in the peeler.
–  Separate the peeler from the brake line and remove peel residues.
–  Remove the gripping pliers and push the pipe screw -D- onto the brake line.
–  Push the brake line -B- against the stop -A- in the flaring tool.
When tightening the Allen screws the brake line must lie against the stop, otherwise the flaring head does not function properly.
–  Pre-tension the brake line in the flaring tool so that the brake line can no longer be moved. Fold up the stop -A- and then tighten the Allen screws crosswise completely with the offset screwdriver -C-.
–  Turn the spindle in the flaring tool up to the stop.
–  Turn back the flange again.
–  Loosen the Allan screws crosswise.
–  Take the brake line out of the flaring tool, clean and check the brake line as well as the flaring head.
Briefly rinse the part of the brake line remaining in the the vehicle:
–  Connect brake filling and bleeding device e.g. -VAS 5234-.
–  Fit the hose of the bleeding bottle onto the flaring head of the brake line and allow the brake filling and bleeding device e.g. -VAS 5234- to run briefly, until some brake fluid has passed through.
–  Blow through the newly inserted brake line with compressed air.
–  Assemble the brake lines together with the connecting piece -E-.
–  Mount brake line.
–  Bleeding brake system → Chapter.

Wheels, Tyres > < Flaring tool - summary of components