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–  Lightly oil new gasket ring at outer surface.
–  Fill half the space between the sealing lip and dust lip with sealing grease -G 052 128-.
t  When driving in the gasket ring with the thrust piece -T30028 (3305)-, ensure that the gasket ring for the flange shaft reaches its stop in the gearbox before the thrust piece -T30028 (3305)- reaches its stop.
t  Therefore, the thrust piece -T30028 (3305)- must never be driven fully into the gearbox housing!
–  Carefully drive the new gasket ring into the gearbox up to the stop, during this procedure do not twist the gasket ring.
–  Insert the flange shaft.
–  Tighten new conical screw to the recommended tightening torque → Anchor.
–  Fit the right drive shaft to the flange shaft → Chassis; Rep. gr.40.
–  Install protective cap for right drive shaft on the engine -arrows- → Chassis; Rep. gr.40.
–  Change gearbox oil → Chapter.
The gearbox oil must be changed, only in this way the correct gear oil level can be ensured.
–  Install the noise insulation → Body Work; Rep. gr.50.
Tightening torques
Flange shaft on gearbox (conical screw)1) → Chapter
Protective cap drive shaft on engine35 Nm

1) Always replace conical screw → Electronic Catalogue of Original Parts.

Vehicle electrics > < Removing