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Volvo XC90 2.5T AWD L5-2.5L Turbo VIN 59 B5254T2 (2003)

Relays and Modules

Sensors and Switches


Engine, Cooling and Exhaust

Powertrain Management

Relays and Modules - Powertrain Management

Sensors and Switches - Powertrain Management

Tune-up and Engine Performance Checks

Computers and Control Systems

Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

Air Flow Meter/Sensor

Intake Air Temperature Sensor

Body Control Module

Boost Solenoid, Turbocharger

Brake Signal

Camshaft Position Sensor

Central Electronics Box

Clutch Switch, ECM

Coolant Temperature Sensor/Switch (For Computer)

Crankshaft Position Sensor

Data Link Connector

Engine Control Module

Component Information


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Description and Operation

System Overview

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Engine Speed Sensor

Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel Pressure Sensor

Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

Information Bus

Knock Sensor

Main Relay (Computer/Fuel System)

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Manifold Pressure/Vacuum Sensor

Oil Pressure Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

Relays and Modules - Computers and Control Systems

Sensors and Switches - Computers and Control Systems

Transmission Position Switch/Sensor, A/T

Variable Valve Timing Actuator

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Emission Control Systems

Fuel Delivery and Air Induction

Ignition System

Transmission Control Systems

PROM - Programmable Read Only Memory

Transmission and Drivetrain

Brakes and Traction Control

Starting and Charging

Power and Ground Distribution

Steering and Suspension

Heating and Air Conditioning

Restraint Systems

Accessories and Optional Equipment

Body and Frame

Cruise Control

Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators

Lighting and Horns

Windows and Glass

Wiper and Washer Systems