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Volkswagen Passat Sedan V6-3.6L (BLV) (2008)

Relays and Modules

Sensors and Switches


Engine, Cooling and Exhaust

Powertrain Management

Transmission and Drivetrain

Brakes and Traction Control

Starting and Charging

Sensors and Switches - Starting and Charging

Relays and Modules - Starting and Charging


Charging System

Starting System

Power and Ground Distribution

Auxiliary Power Outlet

Electrical Accessory Panel


Fuse Block

Grounding Point

Multiple Junction Connector

Power Distribution Module

Power Distribution Relay

Power Interrupt Connector/Switch

Relays and Modules - Power and Ground Distribution

Relay Box

Safety Circuit Breaker

Sensors and Switches - Power and Ground Distribution

Wiring Harness

Component Information

Technical Service Bulletins

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Service Precautions

Description and Operation

Table of Contents

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Service and Repair

Tools and Equipment

Power and Ground Distribution

Steering and Suspension

Heating and Air Conditioning

Restraint Systems

Accessories and Optional Equipment

Body and Frame

Cruise Control

Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators

Lighting and Horns

Windows and Glass

Wiper and Washer Systems